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Untitled design (16).pngRegan Foy – Founder & Lead Editor

Regan, 22, founded The Claret and View in late early July 2017, before enlisting the help of others to help make his idea a reality. Regan has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Journalism and a Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing Management, and works full time for a Web Design and Digital Marketing Agency. A long time Villa fan, Regan has been to a number of home and away games. He has had the opportunity to interview European Cup hero Peter Withe.

Favourite Villa Player: Olof Mellberg
Favourite Kit: Umbro 1990-92, 'Mita Copiers'
Favourite Villa 'Quote': "We're not fickle - We just don't like you."

Untitled design (17).pngMark Jirobe – Contributor

Mark, 29, has been writing about different sports since 2006, but fell in love with Aston Villa and their supporters over a decade ago in 2008. Currently working as a chef in the USA, Mark still finds time to selflessly and passionately follow everything about the Villa.

Favourite Villa Player: John Carew
Favourite Kit: 2006 Away
Favourite Villa 'Quote': "Being a part of the Aston Villa family is like
being a part of my family."

Harry TrendHarry Trend – Contributor

Harry, 20, studies Journalism at the University of Brighton. For him, Aston Villa is the hub of football, one of England’s most historic and recognised clubs and one of the founders of the football league. Although born and bred in Cardiff, Villa runs in Harry’s family, with his dad’s side of the family all from working class Birmingham.

Favourite Villa Player: Olof Mellberg / James Chester
Favourite Kit: 2011/12 Home
Favourite Villa 'Quote': (Gavin and Stacy Series 3, Ep 5) Dave: "I
bought you that Aston Villa strip" Nessa: "I know, and I loves it
you know I does"

Matt BloggMatt Blogg – Contributor

Matt, 19, who has been following the Villa since he was 6 years old, studies English Literature at the University of Huddersfield and holds a passion for writing, especially about sport. An avid reader of sports journalism, Matt loves nothing more than getting his own views and opinions across through the medium of writing, particularly when it regards the famous Aston Villa.

Favourite Villa Player: Gareth Barry
Favourite Kit: 2010/11 Away
Favourite Villa 'Quote': "Aston Villa will play in the European Cup
one day."

Untitled designSam Al-Ani – Contributor

Sam, 27, has a Law degree from the University of Nottingham and a Masters in Law from the University of Law. Born and raised in Birmingham, Sam now lives in London but still goes to Villa Park as often as he can. Sam’s favourite thing about Aston Villa is Villa Park – as one of the most beautiful and historic stadiums in the country – he believes it is truly the home of football.

Favourite Villa Player: Jack Grealish / Martin Laursen
Favourite Kit: 2006 Home (Acorns)
Favourite Villa 'Quote': "You don't choose Villa, Villa chooses you."



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  1. Harry, we are not one of the founders of the football league. We are, through William McGregor, THE founder.

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